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So it has been a while since I last posted a review or a blog post here. I decided to take an unannounced break after I completed watching Gurren Lagan which honestly broke me because of how terrible I perceive the ending. I understand it’s meant to be really symbolic and all but it just didn’t cut it for me. I was writing the review for it when I was I just said “No, no more of this, I don’t want to deal with this anime anymore.” I was maybe only 100 words away from actually completing the review but that aside it wasn’t really fun.

I then watched Redline, an amazing film with amazing story and art until the ending which once again just broke the entire film for me, I couldn’t even start writing a review it was that depressing. It was at this stage I decided I needed a break in the world of anime as I wasn’t really in taking anime in a way I found enjoyable.

As you would know I started the living the dream blog posts to document what I had watched and read throughout the week and discuss the near impossible dream of actually being able to watch every anime to have been released since 1917. ┬áThe only problem is that the list is so expansive that you don’t know where to start and it can demotivate you. When you look at your list of 100 different anime and 40 days watched and compare it to how many anime there actually are you just think is there an actual way for me to do this and is it worth it if I can’t complete this endless backlog.

After struggling for months to find this answer I decided to dabble in other things with my newly found spare time, these things included live streaming and hearthstone. These are defiantly fun things to do but don’t have the same resonance with me that anime has.

As you can guess I am a big patriot of MAL or MyAnimeList, I use it to organize my library of anime I have viewed. Recently they added in the new feature of seasonal anime, this intrigued me as other sites offer this service but I am never really satisfied. Well as you can guess MAL did it just right, I can go all the way back to 1917 and start watching anime through this method and believe it or not you can actually find a lot of the older anime on YouTube and other websites.

The reason I am so excited by this is because there is 98 years of anime history, 1917-2015, I can track my progress based on the years instead of the number which is a lot lower. I am currently on 1934 meaning I only have 81 years of anime to catch up on. It feels so renewing when you look at it that way and trust me I am really excited for Winter 1963 as we have the iconic Astro Boy to watch.

Now your going to want to ask “Elijah are you still going to write reviews?”
The answer to this is yes and no. I will continue to write reviews when I get to an anime that has story that can be commented upon rather then just saying over and over again, the story was only so-so but that is because anime was still new and the budget for making films expensive so they couldn’t make anything other 10 minutes.

Will I still do manga reviews?
Well even though I like manga I feel like it takes away from the experience on the website and means I can’t put in as much time as I would like into the reviews and watching of anime.

I will still give you weekly updates on what I watch and read at the moment and hopefully the website will be in full force in the near future.

Thanks for reading, Elijah.

20 years after the nuclear meltdown in Tokyo, the once capital city has become a ghost town due to the high levels of radiation. After a distress signal being sent the self defense forces dispatched three girls who are part of the Coppelion unit.

Coppelion is a fascinating story to say in the least, with a similar setting to Deadman Wonderland in terms of an earthquake being the cause of the current problem. One thing that Coppelion establishes quickly is the fact that each arc is long and forces the reader to care about the survivors and the Coppelion. Being a story where the characters themselves aren’t too sure of whats going on behind closed doors they mainly focus on evacuating the survivors left in Tokyo. The arcs at times do feel like they drag on a little bit but in the long run you end up appreciating the story even more becuase it went that extra bit further to explain things. You can almost look at each arc as the story of evacuating the different groups of survivors, there is always a story behind the reason why they stayed behind or why they don’t want to go back to the world of the living. Coppelion really emphasizes the idea that in the face of death or in the face of salvation past actions will always make the final decision. This makes the characters face themselves and ask the question of is what they are doing the right thing? For a story that somewhat focuses on the psychological aspect of the nature of humans they don’t exactly do a great job at it, I often found that the answer that a character would choose was quite predictable and didn’t exactly make the characters question themselves as much as I had hoped. The biggest downside to the story would have to be the fact that for a lot of the problems that the Coppelion would face at the most crucial point in evacuating survivors it could always be solved by sending Haruto to the rescue. Overall I give the story an 8/10.

The Characters in Coppelion are detailed and intricate, a lot of characters have a deep back story that gives them more depth. Surprisingly after 186 chapters not every character has a deep back story to have been told. Characters like Taeko you really don’t know what they went through, while others like Ibara have hinted back stories. Each survivor has their own stories of the past that shapes the very reason why they stay in the city of death that is Tokyo. Unfortunately Coppelion does suffer from having a main character who doesn’t really do a lot. This character is Taeko, sure she has done things in the past that are crucial but other than those she really doesn’t play a major role. Aoi is also another character that doesn’t play a major role despite being a main until the shelter 109 story arc. Ibara is an unwavering main, for the most part but when she does waver in her goal it is for a good reason, often ignoring what people say in order to save survivors that are still in the city of death. She is also already prepared to either save anyone and everyone or to trust other Coppelion. Aoi is the air head who loves her food, having no powers unlike the other Coppelion she often sees herself as a hindrance on the team, despite this she makes sure to cheer everybody up and keep the mood positive. Taeko is a more quite character compared to Aoi and Ibara but she is also well versed in medical knowledge and procedures. Effectively being the surgeon of the group she also has great eye sight that allows her to be the scout of the team. Overall I give the characters a 7/10

The art in Coppelion is interesting, there are times where the scenery is ignored completely but only to suit the tone of the panel in the action that is with in it. I really enjoyed the art though, the scenery was actually one of the biggest positives in the anime, since there is so much that is explored the scenery had to be kept at a higher quality and it worked out wonderfully. The character designs were nice, they reminded me of Bakuman characters mainly in the way the hair and expressions are drawn. The art helps the pace of the manga and really depicts the flow of movement quite nicely. Overall I give the art a 7/10.

Final Thoughts
Coppelion is a manga that takes time to read but once you have taken that time it is worth it. My only real problem is that I can’t find where to read Volume 20 so then I don’t skip any of the story. Either way I recommend Coppelion to those who like long stories and a lot of action. Overall I give Coppelion a total of 7.33.

Aoi is a girl who prefers hobbies and activities that can be done indoors, after an accident she had when she was younger she has become afraid of heights. Her childhood friend loves to climb mountains, as she drags Aoi to do mountain climbing Aoi is scared of what kind of mountains she will be climbing.

Encouragment of Climb is a short series of episodes that are around 3 minutes long, the story tells the viewer of the friendship between Aoi and Hinata, two childhood friends that have very different tastes in hobbies. The story in itself is very simple but in this case the story never needed to be complicated, the pacing of the story was very slow, there would be multiple episodes for one mountain climb where nothing in terms of complications would occur. The main idea of the story isn’t that Aoi is scared of heights or that she is climbing mountains, it’s that she is getting more friends since she started climbing mountains. The story is rather predictable but being a series of shorts and that is to be expected since unlike other shorts this series follows a series of events that link episodes together which is a nice change and something that longer anime series could do better. With Encouragement of Climb being a short series there isn’t any conflict or turn of events that faced the story which made it some what boring to watch. Overall I give the story a total of 6/10.

The characters in Encouragement of Climb were fairly average, they didn’t really develop besides Aoi who become less of an introvert throughout the series. The characters weren’t a main focus of the anime but that didn’t really matter too much, the characters were already explained at their introductions and the amount of time that actually passes in the anime is too short for any real character development to actually take place. Aoba Kokona is a middle school girl who has an interest in wild life but she shows most of her passion in cooking. She is rather quiet and shy but can also be an airhead as well. Kuraue Hinata is the outgoing childhood friend of Aoi, she loves to climb mountains and is rather blunt when it come to criticizing people especially Aoi. Saitou Kaede doesn’t get too much screen time but it’s obvious that she is a passionate mountain climber. Yukimura Aoi is an introvert who much prefers indoor hobbies such as arts and crafts along with cooking. She then has a re-kindled love for mountain climbing coming back to her even though she is still afraid of heights and will only climb smaller mountains. Overall I give the characters a 5/10.

Art and Animation
The art and animation was the pinnacle of these series of shorts, it’s a way to show off what the company can do so then they can get work for bigger titled anime. This is something I appreciate in a lot of shorts as it just looks brilliant when I watch them and Encouragement of Climb is no different in any way. The art was quite detailed since a lot of the anime is based in mountains and outside it’s only natural to have detailed forests and bush. The scenery was very nice and emphasis on detail made the scenery even more eye catching. The animation was also brilliant to watch, to start the anime off they show a scene where two girls are walking over to Aoi in first person and it was done quite well, there were times where I thought that the quality of the animation was low. Overall I give the art and animation an 8/10.

Sound and Music
The music in Encouragement of Climb wasn’t memorable, I guess with less focus on the music area that is to be expected. When going back to the anime I can’t recall any tracks that I heard, the 3 minutes that the episodes are it’s really hard to notice the music since you aren’t concentrating on that aspect of the anime. The voice acting was accurate though, each voice represented their corresponding character rather well making it a more enjoyable experience to watch. The voice acting wasn’t outstanding but since there wasn’t any conflict there wasn’t any need for a large range of expressions. This leaves the music and sound rather bleak. Overall I give the sound and music a total of 5/10.

Final Thoughts
Would I say that Encouragement of Climb is a must see? No, it isn’t in that realm of anime yet it isn’t in the realm of never touch the anime for your life span. If I was to recommend it, it would be to watch it before you go to bed or when you have a 30 minute gap in your day. The anime is rather anti-climatic so it’s perfect for a bedtime piece and only lasts for 36 minutes total so it can be watched in a short period of time. Overall I give Encouragement of Climb a total of 6/10.

So through out the day I tend to think to myself “Am I watching enough anime/ reading enough manga?” Well if I wasn’t running this website I wouldn’t be that’s for sure but since I have been writing reviews I find myself watching less and less anime and reading less manga. I think to myself that my goal will never be obtainable at this pace but on the other hand it makes me happy cause I get to share my opinions on different anime and manga and it makes it some what worth the sacrifice. Even though I am constantly thinking of ways to read and watch more my life is at peace currently.

For anime this week I have started Encouragement of Climb season 1 and from what I have seen the animation is splendid and I’m in love with it already, Day Break Illusion was really too lack luster for my tastes so this feels like the medicine I needed to make sure I don’t overload on sub par anime.

Manga is an interesting story, since I didn’t have the time to read Coppelion last week there wasn’t a review so this week I want to try and read both Coppelion and Death Note and release both of them as reviews to make up for last week, Coppelion is actually really interesting and Death Note as always is fun to read so I look forward to writing reviews for them.

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With a passionate love of Tarot cards Akari tries to learn everything that she can about tarot cards and learning how to be a great reader. One day through the occurrence of strange events Akari learns that she has special powers that relate back to tarot cards.

Day Break Illusion is an interesting anime, the idea of tarot cards already interested me but to have a completely different world that is invisible to the human world. The story doesn’t introduce anything that makes the story exciting at all, the story is fairly consistent with its telling of the story but it was rather average, no plot twists or exciting turns of events that grabs the viewer into the story. The story was easy to follow and didn’t try to hide any information from the viewer, the anime is fairly predictable but you don’t really focus on whats going to happen next as most episodes end on a note where it finishes off that small story. Day Break Illusion doesn’t focus on story arcs but instead has episodic episodes that fill in the overall story. The story does explain all of the necessary details that the viewer wants and needs to know, in terms of satisfaction in the plot, Day Break Illusion really doesn’t make the viewer satisfied for watching it, if anything it will make the viewer unhappy as it is doesn’t leave you with a definate feeling of either liking or hating the anime, it just sort of sits there in the realm of not really leaving an impact with you. The ending was pretty anti-climatic and didn’t live up to the expectations of an anime that had a battle ┬átheme around it. Overall I give the story a 5/10.

The characters in Day Break Illusion like the story don’t really live up to the expectation that is set before them, the viewer expects deep and meaningful relations and back stories yet it was really disappointing when we learn the motives of a character, no real effort was put into it, when it came to learning the story behind Hoshikawa Seira it was just a story, it was the sad turning point in her life that it should have been, it felt more like “oh, so that happened.” The back story behind Tsukuyomi Luna had been teased throughout the entire anime yet they never really discussed it, sure it was obvious that she came from a wealthy family and the fight for the will was prevalent but it was never explained what her family did or why they are from money. Hoshikawa Seira is the calm minded and cold hearted girl in the team, she often carries out her tasks with an unwavering will. Shirokane Ginka is the indecisive member of the team, often not knowing where she stands on a point she quickly changes her view based on what some one will say. Taiyou Akari is the cheery Tarot card loving girl who is often described as being as bright as the sun. Tsukuyomi Luna is the shy and quite member who sees her lost twin sister in Akari making her naturally try and be near Akari. Overall I give the Characters a 6/10

Art and Animation
The art is actually nice in Day Break Illusion, the scenery was well detailed and that was a nice change to see compared to other anime which really don’t focus on the scenery. I do admit that there are some scenes that throw the idea of scenery out the door like when they are in the Astralux there isn’t any detail put into scenery but it’s the astralux, it’s meant to be a world that doesn’t have a lot of features in it. The animation in the beginning of Day Break Illusion was actually pretty good but as time went on the animation become worse and worse, the disapointing thing was at the start they had a heavy emphasis on movement and first person movement but as the anime went on the animation quality dropped a lot. The panning shots were always choppy yet that could have been my browser not working properly as it seemed a bit strange. Overall I give the Art and Animation a 7/10.

Sound and Music
The sound track for Day Break Illusion was pretty decent, it fit the tones very nicely, it did remind me a bit of amnesia the way they had the same track to end of the episode but that didn’t bother me as the track was good and didn’t matter how much it was repeated, there were other tracks that were used repeatably for the one purpose but once again I didn’t mind this as it made the anime feel like there was more consistency to it. The voice acting on the other hand was a bit questionable, the emotions never really came across as the voices didn’t fit some of the characters, Akari was too soft to be the cheery and sunny character that she was, the voice made her sound as if she should be Luna since it was a voice that sounded intimidated a lot of the time. Overall I give the Sound and Music a 6/10.

Final Thoughts
Day Break Illusion for once isn’t an anime that I recommend you watch, the anime leaves you feeling that you wasted you time as you don’t have a firm opinion on the anime, it kinda just sits there in limbo and that is what makes it frustrating. Overall I give Day Break Illusion a total of 6/10.

Normally this time this week I have something that I want to talk about or rant about but nothing is really hitting me this week. I am attending an anime convention in 11 days and I am super pumped for that, I plan on the first day just to go and splurge all my money on manga, what I have in mind is the entire Bakuman collection and issues 4-7 of Deadman Wonderland. Other than that if I find any cool figures I will buy those. My plan for the second day is to spend it in the video games area and compete in the Tekken Tag 2 Tournament. I won it last year so lets hope that this year is also prosperous.

In terms of the anime I have watched in the last week I was originally intending to watch D.Gray-man as I purchased it back in December but just haven’t gotten around to watching it but since Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou took so long to read, not that it was a bad thing. It was going to be to hard to watch all of D.Gray-man so that is why I decided Day Break Illusion. I don’t know how to feel on Day Break Illusion, normally I have a certain idea when I’m halfway through an anime but not with this.

For manga I was thinking of attempting to read Coppelion yet it’s rather long so I might not get through it all by Friday. I could also do the Light Novels for Campione because I am rather interested to see how that compares to the anime adaption.

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