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Humans once roamed the lands of the world freely until one day creatures known as titans threatened their very existence. Nearly being brought to the brink of extinction humanity has learnt to live behind walls in order to survive. After 100 years of peace titans once again threaten the existence of humanity.

Attack on Titan is pretty unpredictable, sure there may be one or two cases that the outcome is predictable but for the majority of it the manga keeps you guessing. As more mysteries arise after countless encounters with the titans the more complicated it gets. There is information that is with held from the reader in order to make the keep wondering which is an aspect that I appreciate as it keeps the reader interested and wanting to learn more. The downside to this though is that the amount of things that are kept from the reader makes it more confusing on what is going on, occasionally in the story they will skip back 20 hours in order to tell the back story of the events that led to that particular moment, this ends up confusing the reader in some sense but they normally do a good job in reducing confusion by having it noted on the panels somewhere. Sometimes the methods used to build suspense don’ t work very well, in these cases they will with hold information in the middle of a conversation only to skip to another scenario which in turn confuses or annoys the reader.With a lot of back story involving the characters it makes it easy to understand the motives of characters. Overall I give the story a 7/10.

The Characters in Attack on Titan are really interesting, the majority of them come from different backgrounds allowing for a more variety in characters. I wouldn’t say the characters are relatable as most of them come from situations that are abnormal yet the relations between all the characters are portrayed quite realistically. The hard choices made in a war to protect the existence of humanity are shown in the expressions of characters, to choose survival or to choose to save others in a chance you will die. The character designs on the other hand are quite average and suffer from characters looking identical to each other. With most characters getting their own back story you really do get to learn a lot not just about the characters but also the conditions of the land they live in is like. Yeager Eren is the protagonist of the series, after living through the events of the collosal titan breaking down the wall he vowed to exterminate each and every titian. Often described as the idiot who rushes to the enemy looking for his death, Eren is rather fearless and will never back down from a fight, especially on that allows him to save his friends. Ackerman Mikasa is Eren’s childhood friend and is extremely gifted in combat, she tends to appear rather heartless and cruel to people except to Armin and Eren, through out the time she has known Eren it has been her job to protect Eren and to get him out of the situations he finds himself in. Arlet Armin is the strategist of the trio, being childhood friends with Mikasa and Eren he is the weakest of the three with little muscle power which he makes up for with his ability to assess the situation and narrow down possibilities based on information he has received. Overall I give the characters a 7/10.

The art in Attack on Titan is rather simple, in saying that it tends to be quite “dirty” and what I mean by that is that there is a lot of darkness in the art that allows to portray the story as a dark and heartless world instead of just an action series. This works quite well to get points across to the reader yet it has it’s downfall in the fact that it also makes fights in particular hard to follow. The art does get spruced though in certain panels making the art more clean for yet again more effects. The backgrounds are also very simple or even yet ignored, this makes it hard for the reader to be able to determine what the land looks like. The expressions and emotions shown by characters are neglected though and don’t actually look all that good. The fighs between titans also gets rather confusing as the art style is simple so two titans can look quite similar. The exception to this is that when the squards are fighting the titans with their blades the effect of brutality really shows. I often found myself pitying the titans when their eyes where either slashed or gauged as it always looked so brutal. With the art being the weakest link in the manga is lets it down as the visuals are what help get the reader through the series. Overall I give the art a 5/10

Final Thoughts
Attack on Titan is definitely an interesting series yet with the amount of questions raised it does become complicated but in a good way. It makes you think about everything that has happened through out the series so then you can come to a logical conclusion in the end, well that’s if you can find one at least. With a weak art style it can be distracting to read it time to time but the characters can easily make up for it. Overall I give Attack on Titan a total of 6.3/10 with the recommendation of reading it if you enjoy action packed series with a story to question you every step of the way.

In the war that has placed Arandas in a disadvantageous position, as part of Individual unit 8, rookie pilot Susumu Tokimune races onto a battlefield to save a civilian. In the process his mech is destroyed and unusable. In the cargo that the civilian truck is carrying is a brand new mech model that Susumu is forced to pilot in order to change the situation he finds himself in.

Argevollen’s story is rather unsatisfying, we are placed into a situation with little to no information about it. All you know is that there is a war between two nations and that one side is losing. Sure you learn things along the way but there are questions that are unanswered though out the 24 episodes. Why is there a war happening? How did it start? I understand that this isn’t the focus of the anime but it would have been nice to understand why they are in war. Why is Takimune in Individual unit 8? According to the anime it’s a specialist unit that helps out along the front lines. So then why would a rookie be placed into a specialist unit? Questions aside where the story is focused is kind of sketchy in itself. Jamie’s job is to be the engineer of Argevollen and yet she doesn’t really tell Tokimune a lot about the mech in itself. One thing Argevollen tends to do is give you a lot of information in one sitting about the connections of certain characters, sure this isn’t much of a problem in itself but then the anime will let you watch a few battles before telling you more information. The pacing is rather slow and by the end I found myself saying that it was unsatisfying as the story doesn’t really achieve what you want it to achieve in any sense and screams out that the is an intended sequel. Argevollen tends to do things sporadically as skip time forward by two months so then the viewer has absolutely no idea what has happened. There are a few filler episodes early on in Argevollen but they aren’t really a big issue as they follow the idea that Arandas is falling behind in the war. Overall I give the Story a 5/10.

The characters in Argevollen are aggravating to the point where the three mechanic girls have the best personalities in the entire anime. The character designs were terrible every character looked like every other character in the anime and I actually ended up confusing two completely different characters because they looked exactly the same. There isn’t really any character development in the anime so the characters never really became more mature or anything like that. Argevollen pointed at a romance between Tokimune and Jamie through out the entire anime and never actually built upon it, sure I expect some awkward scenes with them but they never showed any signs that there relationship was going to go any further as friends which really frustrated me. Susumu Tokimune is the rookie mech pilot who becomes the pilot of Argevollen and becomes an essential part of Individual unit 8. His personality follows the hero who is wants to save civilians and his friends from harms way. Jami Hazaford is the engineer of Argevollen who is essential to booting it up and running system checks, she tends to be anxious and uptight through out the anime. Samonji Ukyou is the captain of Individual unit 8, he tends to be a very emotionless character with deep and lingering problemds from the past. Suzushiro Saori is kind and friendly second in command to Captain Samonji, she also appears to have a deeper relationship with the captain. Overall I give the Characters a 4/10.

Art and animation
The art and animation has to be the strongest point in Argevollen. The art is actually really good as the backgrounds always had a lot of detail in them. As I was watching I said “Damn those rocks look good.” With the added detail to the scenery it made me happy knowing that all hope wasn’t lost on this anime. The only complaint with the art would be the choice of what was glowing, I understand open doors would have a glow to them but trees, this really made me thing maybe the art isn’t perfect after all. Aside from that the animation was both great and bad at the same time. The mechs were really good, they just looked nice on screen which really amazed me since CG type animation normally never impresses me but the mechs did impress me. The motion most of the time was fluid yet I recall a time where a pan shot was done and that was pretty choppy. During scenes with dialogue there was no movement happening in the background or with the characters which was disappointing as it could have made for some more interesting pieces within the anime. The fights were really great to watch, as previously stated the motion was very fluid so the fights benifited from it. There were some scenes where you would see the Argevollen become faster and they put emphasis on bullets that were fired at it to really prove the point. Overall I give the art and animation a total of 7/10.

Music and Sound
The music in Argevollen is what i like to see in an anime, suspenseful, dramatic, blood pumping and sad.The sound track fits the anime quite well and compliments the different scenes very nicely, the sound track consisted of a lot of orchestral music with strings and brass which is a really nice fit to the anime. The sound effects were quite realistic and seemed authentic to the actual motion, combat and movement. The voice acting can go either way, you could say its good or bad but in this case I would say its rather average. Nothing really grabbed my attention that made me think “damn that’s some good voice acting.” Yet I feel that compared to the rest of the anime it fits nicely as Argevollen isn’t exactly an anime of brilliant caliber by no means. Overall I give the music and sound a 6/10.

Final Thoughts
Argevollen did not meet my expectations from the Preview trailer of it yet saying that it really isn’t a bad thing it didn’t. In terms of anime or anything with a trailer if the anime in this case meets all your expectations from what you have gathered from the trailer then the anime really isn’t going to surprise you in any manner. All that aside, overall I give Argevollen a total of 5.5 and recommend it if you enjoy mech anime or good fight scenes.

When asked for anime recommendations the one thing I hate being told is that they prefer this genre or only a certain art style. What this says to me is that the person isn’t willing to actually branch out into different anime, that they aren’t willing to give new genres a chance. One thing they all say is that I’m running out of things to watch, well really you can’t run out of anime to watch because according to MAL there are 30, 177 anime that have been released or going to be released. Another thing about this is when people say I prefer to watch in English. Ok I understand wanting to watch in English only but that’s one of the reasons you are running out of anime to watch. It’s a fact there are a lot more anime in Japanese then in English and that is one of the reasons I prefer watching in Japanese. I prefer the voice acting but it also allows me to watch a lot more anime. In summary just reduce your standards or criteria and you will realize that there is a lot of anime to watch.

So far in the past week I have watched Beelzebub, as I said in my review I actually really enjoyed watching it. I have started watching Argevollen which is a mech anime series set during a war. It’s interesting that’s all I’m going to say and I’ll leave all my thoughts and opinions until tomorrow. I ended up spending Sunday catching up on the anime I had been neglecting to catch up on such as Diamond no Ace and Naruto Shippuuden yet I still haven’t caught up to everything yet. I still have to watch the latest episodes of One Piece, Aikatsu, finish watching Akami ga Kill Theater and Pokemon the Johto league. That’s a lot to catch up on.

In terms of Manga I caught up to Kamisama no Iutoori Ni which is the best manga I have read easily. I really enjoyed Death Note but this I just like more. So far I haven’t chosen a manga to review this week. Maybe it will be Death Note, who will know? One thing for sure is that I need to step up my manga game so then I don’t look like a filthy casual.

Any way thank you for reading today make sure you come back tomorrow for my review of Argevollen and check out my reviews from last week. Beelzebub and Kamisama no Iutoori Ni.

Day Anime  Episodes  Total Episodes  Average Length
Monday Asura Cryin’
Asura Cryin’ 2
Baby Steps
24 min
24 min
24 min
Tuesday  Baby Steps 20 25 24 min
Wednesday Baby Steps
Battle Girls – Time Paradox
Beyond the Boundary
24 min
23 min
24 min
Thursday Beyond the Boundary
Black Bullet
24 min
Friday Black Bullet
Black Butler
24 min
24 min
Saturday Black Butler
Black Butler II
Black Butler: Book of Circus
24 min
24 min
24 min
Sunday  Black Butler: Book of Circus
Blade and Soul
24 min
24 min
Day Manga Chapters  Total Chapters
Monday Coppelion 60 Still Publishing
Tuesday Coppelion
Cronos Haze
Doll: The Hotel Detective
Days of the Dam
Fort of Apocalypse
Still Publishing
Still Publishing
Still Publishing
Still Publishing
Wednesday Fort of the Apocalypse
Fairy Tail
Still Publishing
Still Publishing
Thursday Fairy Tail 60 Still Publishing
Friday  Fairy Tail 60 Still Publishing
Saturday Fairy Tail 60 Still Publishing
Sunday  Fairy Tail 60 Still Publishing

Set at the same time as the original Kamisama no Iutoori Akashi Yasuto decides to skip school on the faithful day, at night he gets taken by a second along with all the students who skipped school that day to take place in the games in an isolated cube that no one knows about.

Kamisama no Iutoori Ni, cool a second series set at the same time as the first, this is totally going to be different. At first I thought that this was going to just be a repeat of the original but after getting into it Kamisama no Iutoori Ni is leaps and bounds superior to the original. The story telling is so much nicer, the pacing is smooth and nothing happens no where near as quickly as the original. The solving of puzzles were no longer coincidental, there was a plan of action that allowed for them to survive as long as they can. Obviously the end goal is the same, to survive until the end. Unlike the original the winner doesn’t become a God but instead fights the winner of the students who were at school to obtain the powers of a God. With the trials and tribulations that are presented in front of them it really feels like a do or die situation and at times it really does seem like there’s no way out. Romances between characters and deaths hit you hard as you say to yourself ” no, no this can’t be happening.” The chapters aren’t predictable, there are points where they give you hints of whats going to happen and then it hits you at the moment before it happens and it just wrecks you hard. Kamisama no Iutoori Ni has everything I like to see in a story. Overall I give the story an 8/10.

The characters in Kamisama no Iutoori are a lot more relatable, each character gets their own back story for why they are how their like in the present situation, a lot of the characters skipped school because they felt unwanted or unneeded and suffered from depression and used the situation to play into the puzzles willing to die at any moment. Its really interesting, Kyioshirou Ushimitsu is a character that at first you dislike and think he is no where near as good of a psycho character unlike Takeru Amaya from the original, that’s until you learn his back story and at that instant you attitude towards him changes and you begin to like him just as much if not more. The character designs were average yet when it comes to school students you don’t have a lot of room to work with to make them interesting. The personalities of the characters differ a lot as time progresses, you could say that a lot of the personalities are just modified variations of one personality but that’s a very bad way of looking at it, when you look at the larger picture you can see that the personalities differ quite a lot. The development of characters happens a lot as the games and puzzles go on in time, you see the characters change in attitude by either becoming more scared and paranoid or taking a role of leadership even if it means they lose their sense of self worth and original personality. With the large quantity of characters that either die or become less important as time goes on your idea of who is reliable as a team member drops as you no longer have as much contact with them while other characters become better because they do have more face time. Overall I give the characters a 7/10.

Kamisama no Iutoori Ni potentially has better artwork than the original, I phrase it this way as the backgrounds don’t really go up in standard yet its the emotions, the expressions and the actions that get better. There are panels where you are just awing at them as the characters expression is just so beautiful and brilliant to look at. Once again this is the strongest point of the art. The emotions are no different, the art really displays a sense of peril or fear in the faces of the characters when they find themselves in unfavorable situations, when you see important characters die to see the expression before their death and the ones who mourn for them it just makes you stop and take a real good look before you go to the next page. Motion is captured really well and you truly have a sense of motion, whether everything is going fast or time is going slow. Overall I give the art an 8/10.

Final Thoughts
Normally with sequels reading the original is a mandatory thing that has to be done in order to understand the story yet Kamisama no Iutoori Ni is different in that sense. Since the story starts in the same time period as the original it’s not like you are really missing on a lot yet I still recommend that you read the original so then you have an understanding of what is really at stake in the early games. Overall I give Kamisama no Iutoori Ni a 7.6/10 and I recommend you read it if you enjoy the slaughter of a lot of characters, smart strategies and planning and a psychological aspect thrown in.

Name  Year Released  Year Finished  Type  Episodes  Duration 
3-tsu no Hanashi Jan 15, 1960 Jan,15 1960 Spec 1 30 min
8 Man Nov 07, 1963 Dec 24, 1964 TV 56 25 min
44-hikino Neko  1969 1969 Mus 1 03 min
12-gatsu no Uta 1971 1971 Mov 1 01 min
77 Danui Bimil 1978 1978 Mov 1 80 min
15 Sonyeon Uju Pyoryugi 1980 1980 Mov 1 70 min
21 Emon Uchuue Irasshai! Aug 1,1981 Aug 1 1981 Mov 1 92 min
1000-nenJoou: Queen Millennia  Mar 13,1982 Mar 13 1982 Mov 1 121 min
84 Taekwon V Aug 03, 1984 Aug 03, 1984 Mov 1 60 min
8 Man After Aug 21, 1993 Nov 22, 1993 OVA 4 25 min
11 Pikino Nekoto Ahoudori Aug 27,1986 Aug 27 1986 Mov 1 90 min
11nin-Iru! Nov 1, 1986 Nov 1, 1986 Mov 1 91 min
3-D Tengoku Oct 1988 Oct 1988 Mus 1 02 min
2020 Nyeon Ujuui Wonder Kiddy 1989 1989 TV 13 24 min
1+2=Paradise Feb 23,1990 Apr 27 1990 OVA 2 30 min
100% Sep 07,1990 Sep 07 1990 OVA 1 53 min
21 Emon May 2,1991 Mar 26 1992 TV 39 25 min
3×3 Eyes Jul 25, 1991 Mar 19, 1992 OVA 4 30 min
21 Emon Uchuuike! Hadashino Princess Mar 07,1992 Mar 07 1992 Mov 1 40 min
Aa Harimanada Apr 23, 1992 Oct 1, 1992 TV 23 24 min
Aa! Megami-sama! Feb 21, 1993 May, 1994 OVA 5 30 min
3 Choumeno Tama: Uchino Tama Shirimasenka? Jul 3, 1993 Sep 25, 1994 TV 35 23 min
3 Choumeno Tama: Onegai! Momo-chanwo Sagashite!! Aug 14, 1993 Aug 14, 1993 Mov 1 43 min
A-Girl Sep 24, 1993 Sep 24, 1993 OVA 1 30 min
A Piece of Phantasmagoria 1995 1995 OVA 15 05 min
3×3 Eyes Seima Densetsu Jul 25, 1995 Jun 25, 1996 OVA 3 45 min
2×1 Feb 25, 1998 Mar 25, 1998 OVA 2 24 min
A Kite  Feb 25, 1998 Oct 25, 1998 OVA 2 26 min
Aa! Megami-sama!: Chichaitte Koto wa Benrida ne  Apr 6, 1998 Mar 29, 1999 TV 48 07 min
A.D. Police Apr 8, 1999 Jun 30, 1999 TV 12 24 min
1001 Nights  Apr 24,1999 Apr 24 1999 Mov 1 24 min
A.LI.CE Feb 5, 2000 Feb 5, 2000 Mov 1 85 min
69 Pink Riders Jun 30, 2000 Jun 30, 2000 OVA 1 51 min
Aa! Megami-sama! Movie Oct 21, 2000 Oct 21, 2000 Mov 1 106 min
21 Seki Manga Hajimete Monogatari Mar 30, 2001 Mar 30 2001 Spec 1 30 min
21-ji no Onna: Newscaster Katsuragi Miki Apr 21, 2001 Nov 21 2001 OVA 3 30 min
6 Angels  Nov 20, 2001 Jul 06, 2002 ONA 6 15 min Nov 22, 2001 Dec 22, 2001 TV 13 25 min
.Hack//Intermezzo 2002 2002 Spec 1 24 min
48×61 2002 2002 ONA 1 06 min
69 Pink Riders 2  Feb 18, 2002 Feb 18, 2002 OVA 1 53 min
.Hack//Sign  Apr 04,2002 Sep 26 2002 TV 26 24 min
.Hack//Liminality Jun 20,2002 Apr 12 2003 OVA 4 33 min
A.F Sep 6, 2002 Sep 6, 2002 Spec 1 15 min
.Hack//Tasogareno Udewa Densetsu: Offline de Aimashou 2003 2003 Spec 1 20 min
.Hack//Tasogareno Udewa Densetsu Jan 09,2003 Mar 27 2003 TV 12 23 min
.Hack//Unison Oct 24,2003 Oct 24 2003 Spec 1 24 min
.Hack// Gift Nov 16,2003 Nov 16 2003 OVA 1 26 min
Aa! Megami-sama! Jan 7, 2005 Jul 8, 2005 TV 24 24 min
Aa! Megami-sama! Specials  Apr 1, 2005 Dec 23, 2005 Spec 3 24 min
3-tsu no Kumo Aug 20, 2005 Aug 20, 2005 Mov 3 04 min
2005-nen Uchuuno Tabi Dec 31,2005 Dec 31 2005 Spec 1 01 min
A Smart Experiment 2006 2006 Spec 1 03 min
.Hack// Roots  Apr 06,2006 Sep 28 2006 TV 26 24 min
Aa! Megami-sama!:SorezorenoTsubasa Apr 7, 2006 Sep 15, 2006 TV 22 24 min
009-1 Oct 06,2006 Dec 22 2006 TV 12 25 min
_Summer  Oct 27, 2006 Jan 26, 2007 OVA 2 25 min
_Summer Specials Oct 27, 2006 Jan 26, 2007 Spec 2 04 min
.Hack//G.U. Returner  Jan 18,2007 Jan 18 2007 OVA 1 24 min
009-1: R&B Apr 25,2007 Apr 25 2007 Spec 1 25 min
.Hack//G.U.Trilogy Mar 25,2008 Mar 25 2008 Mov 1 93 min
.Hack//G.U. Trilogy: Parody Mode Mar 25,2008 Mar 25 2008 Spec 1 06 min
07-Ghost  Apr 07,2009 Sep 22 2009 TV 25 23 min
15 Bishoujo Hyouruuki Aug 3,2009 May 2 2011 OVA 3 25 min
8-gatsu no Symphony: Shibuya 2002-2003 Aug 22, 2009 Aug 22,2009 Mov 1 112 min
30th Gundam Perfect Mission  Aug 25, 2009 Aug 25, 2009 OVA 1 2 min
11 Eyes Oct 07,2009 Dec 23 2009 TV 12 25 min
11 Eyes Picture Drama  Jun 25,2010 Jun 25 2010 Spec 13 05 min
11 Eyes: Momoiro Genmutan Jun 25,2010 Jun 25 2010 Spec 1 23 min
A Play   2011 2011 Mus 1 06 min
.Hack//Quantum Jan 28,2011 Apr 07 2011 OVA 3 26 min
.Hack//Quantum Specials  Jan 28,2011 Apr 07 2011 Spec 3 03 min
Aa! Megami-sama(2011) Feb 23, 2011 Aug 23, 2013 OVA 3 28 min
30-Sai no Hoken Taiiku Apr 07, 2011 Jun 23, 2011 TV 12 12 min
47 Todoufuken  Apr 07, 2011 Sep 29,2011 TV 26 01 min
A-Channel Apr 08, 2011 Jun 24, 2011 TV 12 24 min
A-Channel: +A-Channel May 25, 2011 Oct 26, 2011 Spec 11 02 min
663114 Sep 2011 Sep 2011 Mov 1 07 min
.Hack//The Movie: Sekaino Mukouni Jan 21,2012 Jan 21 2012 Mov 1 110 min
A-Channel: A-Channel+smile Feb 11, 2012 Mar 21, 2012 OVA 2 25 min
47 Todoufuken Specials  Mar 20,2012 Jun 30, 2012 Spec 2 04 min
.Hack Versus: The Thanatos Report  Jun 28,2012 Jun 28 2012 Spec 1 21 min
009Re:Cyborg Oct 27,2012 Oct 27 2012 Mov 1 103 min
001 2013 2013 ONA 1 00 min
3-Nen C-Gumi 14-Ban Kubozono Chiyokono Nyuukaku Mar 03, 2013 Mar 03, 2013 Mus 1 03 min
6 Heart Princess Oct 04, 2013 Oct 04, 2013 Mus 1 03 min
00:08 2014 2014 Mov 1 05 min
47 Todou fuken R  Jan 11, 2014 Mar 29, 2014 TV 12 05 min
12-sai.:Kiss,Kirai,Suki Apr 3,2014 Apr 3 2014 OVA 1 14 min
3-gatsu no Lion meets Bump of Chicken Dec 08, 2014 Dec 08, 2014 Mus 1 05 min
20-dai no Heya-hen Jan 07,2015 Jan 07 2015 Spec 1 00 min
3 Ping Lovers! Ippuno Sekaie Youkoso The Animation  May 22, 2015 ? OVA Unknown 30 min
6HP (Six Hearts Princess) 2016 ? TV Unknown Unknown

As Tatsumi Oga was beating delinquents up and having them grovel at his feet he saw a man floating downstream the river next to him. He threw the man out of the water and split him in half, what emerged from the man was a baby who just happen to be the son of the demon king. As Oga finds himself raising the demon king’s son he also finds himself in a new arrange of situations.

Beelzebub is a comedy, action anime that has a very interesting story line, they took the cliche teenager raising a child story and added the demon world and the demon king to the mix making it into a somewhat original story, going into the anime you learn that Oga is a delinquent that is very strong when it comes to fighting. The story at first is rather slow paced as Oga has to defeat each member of the TKKH in order to find a person who is more suitable as a parent than what he is in terms of strength. This arc in itself is rather long and there are a few filler episodes but I didn’t really mind this as it fit the tone of the anime. One issue I had was that Oga just had it too easy. I understand that he is unreasonably strong but he is taking out third year students left, right and center like it’s nothing. Fortunately this doesn’t last forever and he does need to train to get stronger. The humor in Beelzebub is quite good, I often found myself laughing at the jokes and situations that they would wind themselves up in. Beelzebub doesn’t force the jokes either unlike Seitokai Yakuindomo where the jokes are told left, right and center. Later on in the story the pacing picks up and it seems that the pacing goes too fast at times, yet once again I didn’t really mind this as the story wasn’t hard to follow and everything made sense. Overall I give the story an 8/10.

The Characters in Beelzebub are very average, the personalities don’t really vary between characters and the designs are average as well, in saying that Kanzaki and Himekawa probably have the best designs in Beelzebub. The development of the characters is good to see. Oga, as the anime progresses becomes more mature and more accepting of his fate with baby Beel and surprisingly Oga isn’t the only one that has development in the anime, Hildegard also gets some development in the anime as well, she turns from a character that only cares for her master to becoming someone who learns to sympathize with the humans. The interactions between characters are very enjoyable to watch, its smooth and believable. One problem I have is that even though some characters seem like enemies they are willing to band together to defeat the enemy way to easily. There are a lot of characters that actually play some sort of important role through out the anime’s life. Oga Tatsumi is your run of the mill delinquent that loves to fight and is dimwitted, he tries to find someone to take Baby beel from him. Hildegard is the demon maid servant of Baby Beel, she is dark, brutal and heartless to anyone other than Baby Beel, well at first she is. Furuichi Takayuki is the strategist, well he claims to be anyway. Furuichi is the only main character that isn’t a fighter, he is often wanting to avoid trouble yet being around Oga makes it hard to avoid it. Normally characters like him I feel sorry for since they normally don’t have the choice to be in their current situation yet Furuichi chose to be freinds with Oga. Alaindelon the Trans-dimensional demon, he has the ability to transport both people and objects from place to place. He is a main source of comedy in the show often cross dressing and giving the vibe that he is in love with Furuichi. Overall i give the characters a 5/10.

Art and Animation
The art in Beelzebub is pretty average, nothing in the anime made me go wow. With the scenery also being average the art isn’t the strong point of the anime. The animation is smooth and interacts well with the scenery. The strong point in the anime is the choreography of the action. The fight scenes in the first half of Beelzebub is mediocre where it really was just one hit knock outs but just seeing how bad-ass Oga actually is has to be the best part about those fights. Sure it’s a bit lack luster but seeing all these guys put all their strength into beating Oga only for them to be knocked out in one hit is what defined Oga in the story. As the story progresses Oga is no longer this strong force as he was before as the opponents become stronger themselves, the most memorable fights would definitely have to be the fights between Oga and Tojo. In saying this the fights Hildegard is involved in against the other demon maid servants is pretty awesome to watch as well. Overall I give the Art and Animation a 6/10

Music and Sound
The music in Beelzebub does do its job in filling the mood yet my problem with it is not that the music doesn’t really suit the tones its the fact that I just didn’t like some of the pieces, these were mainly the songs meant for the scenes where jokes were told. Aside from these pieces the rest of the sound track was fine, the pieces meant for the fights and any scene where things were heating up were actually really good. The sound effects were good as well nothing did sound out of place in terms of effects. The voice acting I especially enjoyed as it really was believable in terms of expressions. Voices such as Oga’s were really good especially when it came to his “demonic” voice, that’s just what I call it but it’s a good fit. overall I give the Music and Sound a 7/10.

Final Thoughts
Beelzebub may not be the best anime that I’ve watched but it’s an anime I recommend highly, with a story that isn’t complicated and jokes that are actually funny its a good anime to show those who are new to anime. Beelzebub does all the basics correct and proves that time and time again through out the 60 episodes it has. Overall I give Beelzebub a 6.5/10. If you enjoy a story full of bare fist fights with a few magical components thrown in then Beelzebub is a good choice for you.